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Leaves 'N Beans Roasting Company

by Chef Bill More, Your Secret Chef
(Peoria, IL )

Ah, Leaves 'N Beans has a new owner. Former employee and coffee roaster, James Cross has purchased this fine spot and plans to keep some things the same, and some things to improve.

James is planning some great news on the foodie front, and the Leaves 'N Beans Cafe is planned for sandwiches, soups, salads and more for the lunch crowd in Peoria Heights. He even may start small breakfasts and possibly a breakfast buffet on Sundays. This latest idea is to provide a much needed venue for diners in the area that need a place to go on Sunday mornings!

They still roast their own high quality Arabica coffee beans, currently offering over 70 varieties from around the globe. Their brochure boasts that they are "Peoria's only specialty coffee roasting company for 20 years, where great coffee is not a trend, it's a tradition."
Beans are available whole, ground, or you can enjoy coffee by the cup whenever you join them.

James also wants to remind folks that they stock a huge variety of teas as well, and these are available by the cup at the store, or by the box to take home and enjoy at your leisure.

This store is unique in the Peoria area and is certainly worth a visit to 4800 N Prospect Road, Peoria Heights. 309/688-7685

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Jul 11, 2009
Simply awful.
by: Anonymous

This coffee shop is a disgrace to the world of specialty coffee. Having worked in the coffee industry for over five years, I can say with some authority that Leaves and Beans, somehow, serves worse coffee and espresso beverages than starbucks (Note: I hate starbucks). The baristas, including the owner, have little or no training on how to craft espresso beverages. The coffee is over-roasted. The shop, simple put, does not serve any coffee beverage that is worth drinking. It has been years since I have had an espresso and latte that came close to being as horrendous as what was served at Leaves and Beans. Do yourself a favor, go somewhere that takes pride in their beverages; go somewhere where the baristas are trained; go somewhere that doesn't over-roast their coffee--go to Copper River (formerly Kade's), it is the only shop I have found in Peoria that prepares coffee and espresso the way it should be done.

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