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June Restaurant --Peoria Heights, Illinois

by Chef Bill More, Your Secret Chef
(Peoria, IL )

Well here we are. Less than two weeks from now June Restaurant will be open and on the new foodie scene in the Peoria area. Chef/Owner Josh Adams has been working quite diligently on his brand new spot and has been finalizing an eclectic, different, and delicious menu to introduce to the Peoria/Tri-County area.

He had some setbacks with the construction of this particular site, with floor finishings and with the acquisition of some very specialized professional restaurant equipment, but he is there and anxious to show the area just what he can do and how he can present a World Class Dining Experience right here in Peoria.

Opening day is now scheduled for Tuesday, January 20th, and all hands are ready to go. When I had the chance to stop by to check their progress, Chef Adams had only been in the kitchen full time for two days. What progress has been made since then!

Best wishes on this new opening. I expect that the area will embrace this new concept restaurant with open arms!!

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Apr 04, 2009
So good! You must go!
by: Anonymous

June is a very unique experience. The menu is small but is absolutely devine. The Host was very warm and welcoming and the waitstaff is superb! Will definitely be going back! Great place if you are looking for something out of the ordinary (and delicious) for Peoria.

Jan 25, 2009
It's June in Peoria Heights
by: Anonymous

I was fortunate to be invited to an opening party for a fine restaurant in Peoria Heights called June. Like it's name, the arugula salad brought a fresh, summery taste to the palate. Then there was the trout that melted in my mouth. An apple tart with a scrumptious pastry shell and exotic accompaniment sealed the deal for me at June.

The restaurant decor is as soothing as nature. Raphael, our professional and friendly waiter made sure all our needs were met. Don't wait until summer to experience June.


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