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Wild Mountain Smokehouse and Brewery

by Nicole Morrish
(Boulder, Co.)

At last the snow has begun to recede and the birds have found their voice in the mountains, 3000 ft above Boulder. The town of Nederland, named after the Dutch miners that landed here, (after Netherlands, in case it wasn’t obvious) hosts a wonderful new smokehouse and brewery called, Wild Mountain Smokehouse and Brewery,

Considering myself to be somewhat of a local, my family and I frequent this joint about twice a month. The highlights are plenty and varied. For starters the Ned Smoked Chicken wings are the best things that I have tasted North of Texas. They are marinated, slow smoked and then finished on the grill served with your choice of bleu cheese or ranch dressing and carrot and celery sticks. The combination is something that we have come to expect as a nation of highly enthusiastic chicken wing eaters. But our expectations are surpassed the minute the chicken falls off the bone before your teeth get the satisfaction of the “knaw’. The sweet potato fries bring up the cavalry with a well-balanced finish to your “Gotta Have it Burger” cooked any way you like it with choice of cheese and bacon for a mere .50cents extra. To elaborate, all entrees come with your choice of side, sweet potato fries, baked beans, coleslaw (not the best) cornbread, garlic bread and garlic mashed potatoes for just a $1.75, not bad for Colorado in the Mountains. For sure, we are not in Vail or Aspen but the food is authentically “right-on” and the people are a whole lot more friendly, this is worth more than your buck/75.

Now, let’s get to the beer!!! The beer is brewed on sight and the Wild Mountain offers an IPA, Pale and Bodhi Amber. The Amber is a very close walk to the Bodhi tree of enlightenment-it is good. They also offer a selection of locally brewed beer, which hold their own in the taste and complexity factor, as well as the usual suspects who are skeptical of anything with a catchy name.For the frequent flyers growlers are available @ $12 for the bottle and $9 for refills.

I have never been to Missouri or the depths of Texas to experience the grass-roots of Barbecue, but I suspect that Wild Mountain would make any corn-bread baking, smokehouse daddy or (mama) proud! And aren’t we lucky to have this in our tiny unassuming town of Nederland!

Wild Mountain is located @ 70 East First St. (there is only one main St.-in town)

In Nederland, Co. 17 miles west and 3000 ft up from Boulder, Co. You can Dine-in or take –away. Family owned and operated. No Checks or (Frozen Dead Guys accepted). Nederland is the home of the "Frozen Dead Guy Days!

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