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The Lazy Goat

by Karen Holden
(Greenville, SC)

The Lazy Goat is currently my favorite restaurant in Greenville. My husband and I have been here many times. We have tried many different things on the menu and they are all delicious. The people who work there are also great. The hostesses are always incredibly friendly (and remember who we are). The bartenders make great Caipirinha's. The wait staff is knowledgable and friendly. Mary remembers what wine we like and Drew found us a new wine when the old one was no longer stocked. The kitchen staff must be wonderful because I crave the food!!!

I could not tell you my favorite dish because they are all exceptional. The Moroccan Lamb is incredible. My husband can't get enough of it. The Fried Goat Cheese is delicious. The Greek Mac 'n' Cheese is a must have every time we are in there. The Crumbled Fennel Sausage Pizza is PERFECT!! My husband loves the grouper. My brother (who lives in Pittsburg) thinks the hummus is the best in the world. The Paella is enormous. OK...there is one thing that I may not order again. The Chicken. It was not bad, just normal. And since everything else in there is exceptional, I probably will not order it again. We have never made it to dessert. We eat way to much. I have seen many of them being served around us and they look great.

The Lazy Goat is a great restaurant all around. The bar is cool. The decor is comfortable. Not stuffy in any way. The steps down to the dining area are nice. The patio is great when the weather permits. Just know that they cannot serve liquor out there, only beer and wine. They even have a gelato shop down on the walkway by the Reedy River. YUM!!

I have to mention that many of these dishes are tapas. They are meant to be shared. The prices are unbelievable. The most reasonable for this type of food.

I do not know how The Lazy Goat could be any better. Just go there. You will see why it is my favorite.

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