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South side of the pond this week.......

by Karen
(Cincinnati, OH)

Hello again to all you foodies! Workers and the leisurely. This past month I visited a few of my favs over in Covington.

Chalk and Greenup Cafe. Both were absolutely delicious as always, and I can not recommend either of them enough.

I have had a chance to sample the daytime yums at Greenup and also the evening menu. Hats off to the Chef. I can say that I was very impressed with the meal, and I mean very impressed. It is not unusual to have a "great" meal in our city, however, sometimes I feel that there is still an element of freshness and creativity that may be missing, albeit good. Not the case with the Greenup Cafe. I had a fantastic Salmon entree, but the thing that made it pop was a beautifully prepared red cabbage with tastes of apple subtly adding just the right touch. Bravisimo!! Ultra Simple - Amazingly wonderful. My partner had a steak that was pure magic....I sampled and found that it had a fantastic taste of tarragon running through it in every morsel, prepared to perfection. This was one of the freshest - attention getting meals my taste buds have savored in a while.

I will be following up with Chalk again in the very near meal was good, the environment beautiful and comfy, but I need another take on it before I get down to it......I will also be taking a trip to a restaurant near and dear to me very soon York Street Cafe over in see what Terry and Betsy are working on...till then.....

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