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Sherpa’s Adventurers Restaurant and Bar

by Nicole Morrish

One Block South of Pearl Street mall, Sherpa’s warmly invites you into the magic of the Himalayan Cuisine. Adorned with climbing memorabilia, adventure and travel books, the atmosphere of this restaurant welcomes the diner to experience an authentic taste of the Himalayas. Named the “Best of Nepali/Tibetan/Indian Restaurant” by Boulder’s top two newspapers, Sherpa’s is a local favorite. The menu offers a variety of Indian curries, meats and breads from the tan door, momos (handmade dumplings with or without meat), saag and hearty stews and soups. Everything is made fresh to order and the chai can bring you in the door all by itself.

I happened to remember that I had not tried Sherpa’s yet. Contemplating if I should cook or eat out after my daughter’s soccer practice, it soon became obvious along with the drop in temperature that a bowl of Sherpa stew was exactly what I needed to warm up. As my kids are at that fickle age of what they deem as appetizing, we were pleased to see that Sherpa’s offered a kids menu with kid standards such as chicken fingers with fries and the all-American hamburger.

My husband, who was feeling nostalgic for his two month long adventure in Nepal before we were married, chose to order a Nepali staple-Dahl baht. Dahl-Baht is a savory combination of lentils and rice simmered to creamy perfection and served with naan. Dahl is everyday food for most Nepali folk, traditionally eaten with the fingers.

The Sherpa stew consisted of dumplings, vegetables, potatoes and a choice of meat (including yak!) if wanted. I settled with chicken. All of these goodies were swimming in a warm yellow curried, tomato broth. Upon the first smell I knew I had made the right choice. I felt like I could have trekked up Mt Everest after eating such a hearty stew. Probably not, but it is nice to dream!

Needless to say we were all very happy. The early fall chill had been knocked from our bones by the poignant spices and the warm chai proved to be better than a fleece jacket. Added to the atmosphere, Tibetan music gracefully transcended us into culinary nirvana, accompanied by the beautiful Nepali smiles that reached into our hearts. We were transported.

Sherpa’s Adventurers Restaurant and bar is located at

825 Walnut St. Boulder, CO. hey are open for lunch Mon.-Fri 11am-3pm.; dinner Sun.-Wed. 5-10pm, Thurs-Sat till 11pm. Brunch Sat-Sun 9am-3pm. MC, VISA, DC, DISC and local checks accepted.

Bon Appetite!

By Nicole Morrish

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