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Seven on Pearl

by Nicole Morrish
(Boulder, Co.)

I know that sometimes I am a little late on the “happening” thing, in this case by a couple of years, but better late than never I say. I think my mom calls that ‘blooming a little late” (no snide remarks please!) Anyway, let’s get to the point.

The point is, Seven on Pearl, shines among the gauntlet of quality restaurants on lower Pearl St. Yes, it has been open for two plus years now and yes, I walk by it often and always wondered, “hmmm?” It is sandwiched between two high profile Boulder restaurants, sitting very quietly and inconspicuous. Honestly, I thought it was just a bar for the longest time. It is much more than a bar!

Chef Diego Coconati came to Boulder from Miami and his food reflects his Latin American Heritage as well as South Beach flavors and colors. Toss into the mix a few Asian notes and you have a very pleasing experience for the taste buds.

So, why did we walk in, you ask? The Culinary gods took over, we walked in, we got seated and the food coming out of the kitchen held our noses and our curiosity hostage (in a good way.) We decided to order a bunch of “beginnings” to get more tastes rather than 1 entrée each. I recommend this way of ordering. You get a good taste of everything without getting really full and heavy feeling.

The atmosphere is comfortable and casual, not too loud to hear good conversation and loud enough to not engage in bad conversation. The front of the house hosts a large roll door that can be opened for outside seating on the sidewalk, great for summer and warmer weather.

We ordered the kimchee seasoned Crab Cakes accompanied with a sour apple compote and a mango bisque for sliding into. The gazpacho was made up of an avocado and lemongrass whip on the bottom layer of a martini glass with the top layer,s a spicy Thai tomato basil puree, garnished w/ yucca chips. This was a very non-traditional gazpacho that was fabulous. For all of you purists out there, step out of the traditional box and try this one because it is very much worth it.

Next we embarked on some lovely Latin Conch fritters with a passion fruit sauce for dipping. While the fritters were good, I thought the passion fruit sauce carried the dish. It was a great balance of sweet to the spicy of the conch fritters without being syrupy, I enjoyed the sauce more than the fritter.

Lastly, we had a pork sushi roll wrapped in a mango leather along with a tamarind sauce, more for sliding into than dipping! Again, a very creative twist on an original impression of what one might think a “sushi roll” should be. These Beginnings were in the price range of $10 down to $6 and the four of them were more than enough for the two of us. Along with this great meal we had a very good 2005 Alamos Malbec from Argentina.

The wait staff was very attentive and relaxed. We asked for recommendations and appreciated the honesty of their professional opinion-no hedging and not pretence. Entrees range from $9-$15, very affordable. Sides are a strait $4 for your choice of 7 different options, such as spicy Edamame crispy yucca, scallion goat cheese mashed potato and tempura wild mushrooms.

It might not be considered a balanced review since I did not technically have an entrée, however, I wouldn’t change a thing. It was a great place to “sample/savor and celebrate”.

Seven on Pearl is located @ 1035 Pearl Street, Boulder Co. (303) 625-1057.

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Aug 12, 2008
Good spot
by: Anonymous

Great food for the money, tasteful and creative.

Good bar crowd after 10pm on the weekends.

Jun 11, 2008
Good review
by: Anonymous

I tried this place and agree with Nicole. Great place for some casual good eats!

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