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Rick Erwins

by Karen Holden
(Greenville, SC)

I have been told about the restaurant for quite a while. I seem to be one of the last amongst my friends to try it. Not sure why I waited so long. It was WONDERFUL!!!

I went here with two girlfriends. We started in the bar just like any other typical girls night out. Great wine selection which made us very happy. Once we were seated the great service spilled over from the bar. We didn't have an appetizer although they all sounded delicious.

I started with the Gourmet Greens salad. It was huge and delicious. I could have stopped after the salad. Actually, I would go back just for the salad. That is how great it was.

My entree was the Domestic Porterhouse Lambchop. This was an unusual choice for me but so glad I ordered it. It was superb. We all loved our dinners. I tasted one of my friends onion rings and it was one of the best ever.

Rick Erwins is fantastic. I do not think I would take my kids to this restaurant. I didn't see any while we were there. Although I'm sure they would be accommodated, they would be bored to death. This is a high end restaurant with a price tag that goes along with it. Be prepared to spend $70 - $100 per person if you are having drinks. But, I feel like it was worth its pricetag. I cannot wait to go back!!!

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