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Restaurant Resume Basics

Your restaurant resume needs to highlight you! Whether you are just starting out or have been in the business
for years there are several points that you should consider when putting that resume together.

Yes, it needs the traditional information that resumes include such as work experience, education and references but there are some finer points to consider. Most employers look at details past where you have worked in the past. The employer will look at how long you have held a position at a previous employer. Usually you need to stay at a place for a year or more. They will also consider lapses in your resume. If you have a gap in your resume be prepared to show how you spent that time (went to school, took care of sick family member etc.) The most effective systems out there is offered by Gorilla Resume, who as a program second to none and will get you that job your looking for.

The most important aspect of your restaurant resume is to put your personality on paper. You want to find a way to allow your personality to shine through. Whether it is your comical side or your people interaction abilities. The food and beverage resume does not have to be lengthy, usually keep it to a page and add a cover letter if you can. You want to keep your references to around three unless you have worked in a lot pf places over the past three years. In any case keep it to a limit of five.

Do not be afraid to put down jobs that you didn’t like or were fired from, but be prepared to defend them. Gaps can often be worse than a bad work experience and everyone has been fired before so just explain that it was a bad fit for you.

Check out the sample resume here and see how you can tweak it around to highlight your skills and personality. It is designed for a manager, but you can easily turn it into a culinary, bartender, or server food and beverage resume. And yes, before you ask, even a server or bartender should create a resume. It not only shows a higher level of professionalism it shows that you are serious about getting a quality position.

See Restaurant Resume Sample

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