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Pupusas Sabor Hispano-Muy Bueno!!

by Nicole Morrish

I have never been to El Salvador but if Pupusas on North Broadway is a window into the delicious eats of the country-Sign me up!

This little tiny space looks like the inside of a hisapnic folk art museum and has the soul to match it. It's warm, it smells good and the taste buds without conscious effort kick into gear. The food is of Mexican and Salvadorian orgin.

Corn tortillas made fresh all day long. Masa has never tasted so sweet and soft before. Cooks from El Salvadore craft pupusas in the back, which are soft corn masa pillows filled with ground pork(traditionally), but you can choose your filling. Savory plates of tacos, huge tortas (sandwiches) and simmering bowls of tortilla soup and menudo act as sirens calling from the non-existent coastline.(if there was a coastline, chances are there would be a lot of wrecked ships.)

Housemade chips highlight the different salsas,tomatillo with jalepeno and red chile with tomato.Let's not forget to mention the Enchiladas,burrittos,carnitas, tostados and on. The only thing I was longing for was a cervesa!(beer) No such luck Pupusas does not have a liquor liscence, with no plan to get one. Oh well! I'll have another taco instead!

Whatever what you may think about Pork and Pork fat (lard).....c'mon, have you ever had a tortilla made from vegetable oil? I am afraid I rest my case. Pork makes me happy!

All wrapped up this is a place not to be missed if you are visiting Boulder and want some good authentic South of the Border food. I think it is the best North of Trinidad. If you are a pork phob-there is always chicken and beef or ...beans, I like beans too and with a little queso blanco cheese,tortilla and a bite of chile, well there is your ownlittle bit of heaven as well.

Pupusas is located @ 4457 Broadway St., Boulder They are open seven days a week, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Come hungry and you will leave very happy!

Did I mention that they carry the real Coca-Cola made from real cane syrup and not corn Syrup!

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Oct 01, 2009
Very good food
by: Bill

I would like to say Pupusas is the best Mexican food in Boulder.

Jan 30, 2008
by: Douglas Beliakoff

Hi Nicole! I write for F & B Underground in Chattanooga and just wanted to say that you do a great job! If I were in Boulder, I would probably drop what I am doing to go check this place out! Originally from Southern California, I miss GOOD Mexican food! Especially the pork dishes!

For now, I'll enjoy the new Abuelo's that was built here a few months ago. It's the best I've found in Chattanooga so far.

Keep up the great writing!


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