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Eco-friendly Philippine Sea Salts are still farmed the old traditional way.
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“Beneath the cloud of political correctness, sustainability and organic terminology lies the pure fact that xroads Philippine Sea Salts™ taste great. It brings depth and texture to my dishes and I am proud to support the resurrection of a nearly lost art of sea salt cultivation."
Alexander Ong, Chef/Partner, Betelnut Pejiu Wu, San Francisco.

“As chefs we strive for balance and harmonious flavors. Salt is the intrinsic ingredient in cooking and in our own body make-up. xroads Philippine Sea Salts™ enlightens our palate and maintains balance and purity.”
Rodelio Aglibot, Executive Chef, Sunda Chicago

philippine sea salt, sea salt, salt

Ilocano Asin, the original xroads salt introduced in 2006, is a moist, natural white sea salt with bright, clean, crisp flavors intensified by underlying minerals. Complex yet well-balanced, the white salt boosts all foods, from sweet to savory, and touts a sodium chloride content of 86% by weight, much less than ordinary table salt.

philippine sea salt, sea salt, salt

Their latest offering Sugpo Asin, is very rare and difficult to find. “We have developed a close relationship with one of the farmers of this exquisite salt and believe we are the first to present it to the culinary world at large,” said Lennie. Half the year, during the rainy season, the property is used as a shrimp farm – harvesting giant tiger prawns – and the other half of the year, a salt farm. As a result of this dual crop farming method, the salt obtains the natural pinkish color of shrimp. Sugpo Asin is a full-bodied salt with a sodium chloride content of 94% by weight.

philippine sea salt, sea salt, salt

In a global market where chefs can find the rarest products available, xroads Philippine Sea Salts™ delivers unique culinary sea salts that enhance a broad range of flavors while empowering a small community half-way around the world and helping to revitalize a dying industry. Artisan food producers have found a voice in companies like xroads Philippine Sea Salts™ where a quality, raw ingredient like natural sea salts can affect change and increase social consciousness. The remaining task at hand is to create a paradigm shift…fleur de sel need not only come from Europe.

For more information contact xroads Philippine Sea Salts™ at (415) 425-6505 or visit

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