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by Karen Holden
(Greenville, SC)

My husband and I have visited this restaurant twice and had two different experiences. The first time the food was MUCH better than the second time. Both times we were told that they were out of a couple of the menu items. The first time had excellent service, the second time was the complete opposite.

Our first visit was started with the skirt steak appetizer which was excellent. My husband loved it so much he ordered the dinner version for his meal. I ordered the Cuban sandwich and absolutely LOVED it. We also had Mojitos which were delicious. Service was excellent and we couldn't wait to return.

The second visit was not so good. We gave the server the appetizer order and the dinner at the same time. We could tell she was distracted by something so my husband felt the need to go to the bar to ask her to only put in the appetizer order and hold the dinner order until later. In the meantime, our drinks sat empty for WAY too long. Once again we ordered the skirt steak appetizer. It was only OK. Our entrees came out only a minute or two after the app was delivered. Shame on them. BAD, BAD, BAD!!! Especially after we specifically asked them to hold it. Therefore, by the time we were ready to eat, our meals were cold. For the remainder of our stay we continued to sit with empty drinks.

Needless to say, if our second visit would have been our first, there would have been no second visit. But we may be willing to give it another shot but not anytime in the near future.

They did have live music both times we were there. Both bands were fantastic. I wish I could have said that about the food and service.

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