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Josephs Classic Market- Its even husband proof

by Christina Tarr

There are always the nights of which I have no time, no desire and most of all no ingredients in order to make dinner. Its nights such as these that we get to take advantage of Josephs Classic Markets amazing food and even better prices. Everything behind their counter is of such great quality and flavor that its the only place where my husband can pick out anything he wants, mostly because I know that if its coming from Josephs its going to be good. We most recently enjoyed an on the couch in front of the TV dinner of one pound of cedar planked North Atlantic wild salmon that was cooked perfectly (even after re-warming,) rice pilaf that had everything from long grain rice to fresh green beans and peas, and also a roasted vegetable medley with beautiful red and yellow peppers and eggplant. Along with our dinner we got an entire container of Caesar salad, which even for someone like me who can never have enough garlic or cracked pepper in their dressing had some bite. As just one more topping on this sweet sweet cake of a deal was our cream puff dessert, made fresh when my husband ordered it and a beautiful chocolate ganache on top. And even better, all of this for $14.00.

In addition to the wonderful food and prices in their to go meals Josephs has a grocery section which no other market in the area can compare to. Their fruits and vegetables are always beautiful, in season, and even better priced. This week they had red peppers for $0.99/ lb and artichokes 2 for $3.00, which is an unheard of price for South Florida. Along with that was boneless skinless chicken breast for $1.69 a pound, such a good price compared to anywhere locally that we bought three packages. Josephs meat and seafood section not only has more selection than any other local market but once again reflects the fantastic quality to price ratio of the other areas of the store. Also in this small market is a fresh bakery, a pizza oven, a deli, a prepared salad counter, a small but complete wine section and a dry goods area. They also sell fresh herb and vegetable plants in the front of the store.

The one thing I have to say that's a negative of the whole experience is the genre they place themselves in. For some reason it gets under me that its still considered 'prepared food.' I know its been prepared ahead of time but using that phrase makes it sound like you're picking something up from behind the supermarket deli counter, and I fell as though what one receives from Josephs is far beyond the normal stigma of a prepared foods section in any other grocery store.

In this area it is not easy to find a market or grocery store in which you can find interesting and fresh product, at a good price and availability. Josephs does a truly great job of providing a market with high standards when it come to their product, standards which seem to even be higher than many of the chain mega markets. As far as I can remember we have never had any true markets in this area until Josephs came to town, and for me I can only hope that they wont just be visitors. It is a place that I would recommend anybody to stop into, even if its just for a few various items or to grab a bottle of wine. If you go inside once the set-up, the staff and the delicious smell of the entire market will surely bring you back.

Josephs Classic Market

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