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Iron Chef Cat Cora Continued
Iron Chef Cora is driven and she's got a lot more in store for us.

With such a rich and busy professional life, we wondered how in the world Cat juggles it all?

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[Saad] "Balancing the demands of a busy career and full life is a challenge for many chefs. How do you do it and still find quality time for your partner and two children (Zoran and Caje) with a third on the way I hear?"

[Cat] "I have a great team of people around me and support from friends, family, and loved ones who help make this all possible."

One lesson we can learn from all master chef’s lies in their unwavering commitment to excellence and Cat Cora is no exception. She is clearly driven to push the envelope both in and out of the kitchen. As we’ve seen, Cat loves to expose herself to new opportunities, new experiences and new culinary innovations. One thing is for sure, there is a lot more that Cat will pull out of her hat.

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[Saad] "What is on the drawing board for you next Cat?"

[Cat] "I hope to expand my fast kitchen concept CCQ (Cat Cora’s ‘que) nationwide. I plan to open several new CCQ sites, as well as introduce my first signature restaurant in mid-2009. I will, of course, also be doing more work worldwide with Chefs for Humanity to help put an end to hunger and provide nutrition education."

In the not too distant future I see new shows coming your way; Iron Entrepreneur, Iron Philanthropist, Iron Author and Iron Mom. I nominate Iron Chef Cat Cora for them all.

All of us at Food & Beverage Magazine would like to give a special thank you to Chef Cora for taking the time to visit with us and look forward to visiting with her again in the near future!

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We are looking forward to our next Meet the Masters interview in April. We would love for you to get involved so if you have a question that you would like to ask our featured Chef, please drop us a line via the contact us page on the site.

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