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Holiday Happenings in Boulder

by Nicole Morrish

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza and the lot of celebrations. With one big holiday under our belt and the faint taste of turkey still lingering on our taste buds, what’s next? Well, funny you should ask. Boulder is lighting the streets and putting up the garlands and there are Happy Hours galore!

Jill’s Restaurant at The St. Julien Hotel and Spa located in downtown Boulder on Canyon is still offering Friday night performances in the lobby with Happy Hour. These performances are live bands and dancing. Happy hour is from 5pm-7: 30 pm and this includes the bar menu @ half price. Jill’s is also serving afternoon tea, by the fire every Saturday. Seatings are at 12noon and 2:30 pm. The price is $19.95 per guest and $10.95 for any child under 12. Reservations are recommended.

The seasonal highlight, again offered by The St. Julien is a “30-s era extravaganza with burning horns, burlesque dance numbers and a four part a cappella”. This is every Sunday, now through Dec. 23rd. Show times are 7pm-9pm with a $5 cover. Pretty Spicy!

A1 Sushi and Steak located on the 29th St. Mall are running Lunch specials from $9.50, now through the holidays. In fact every Sushi joint in Boulder has a Happy hour ranging from 5pm (ish) to 6:30pm (ish), that is really not a special thing, just a sushi thing!

The Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse is also offering a Holiday Afternoon Tea; reservations are required 24 hrs in advance.

Monday night at The Kitchen has become to be known as “ Community night”. Every Monday the Restaurant takes reservations for a $35 pre-fix menu that is served family style at a large community table set in the middle of the restaurant. This is a wonderful time for groups of friends or families or strangers to get together and re-acquaint with one another or meet for the first time over some great food, wine and ambience. The menus are not finalized until 4pm on Monday, so for most it is a wonderful surprise as to what the evening meal will be. If you cannot stand it, there are sample menus available for you to view. So the element of surprise will be…not so surprising. In the holiday spirit, this is such a nice tradition and it is on my Christmas List.

Seven on the west end of Pearl’s restaurant row was voted the best Happy Hour in Boulder, maybe because it is actually two hours and not just one! $2 and $3 drinks and small tapas plates starting at $2. This is Monday-Friday. Sundays includes a mix of Blues and Happy Hour and on Tuesdays the mix is Jazz and Wine from 5-9pm.

We have no shortages of Happy Hours in Boulder, we are a happy kind of place and it is a good thing, it is starting to get mighty cold and although snow has been late this year, what is a day on the slopes without a happy hour to top off a blissful day. Add to this with some Christmas lights and music and an overall feeling of goodwill. Well, Happy Hours definitely have their place in the world!

These are just a few listed, but the point being there is always something going on here and the caliber of “holiday” is completely up to you. is a great website to check out the whole of the restaurants in town. Some of the information is a bit outdated, but for the majority it is up to date and contact information is accurate.

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