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Cooper River Grill

by Karen Holden
(Greenville, SC)

I really had high hopes for this place. The building was an old O'Charleys. The owners really went all out with their renovations. The place looks fantastic. Sorry I could not say the same for the service.

Upon entering, the hostess asked us "How Many?" No Hello, how are ya, nothing. She began to seat us at a table that had not even been wiped off. She really should pay more attention to where she is going.

The first server came to get our drinks. She was pleasant. The next server, not so much. He was TERRIBLE!!! I cannot leave out what was going on around us either. There was a server who was cleaning a table close to us. On her way to the kitchen with her arms loaded up, she dropped something that made a mess on the floor. She proceeded to begin cussing and yes, our kids heard every word she said. No one ever came out to help her clean it up or anything. The hostess actually seated someone and made them step over the mess on their way to the table.

Our kids ordered burgers. The 6 y/o from the kids menu. The 13 y/o from the adult menu. Both of them loved their burgers. My husband ordered a prime rib sandwich. He said it was OK but would not order it again. If our server would have EVER checked back with us, my husband would have been able to get Heinz 57 before eating all but a small part of his sandwich and possibly would have had a different opinion. I ordered barbecue chicken nachos from the appetizer menu. They were delicious. Except for the fact that the menu said they were supposed to have onions on them. No onions except for 3 little slices. It looked like they had accidentally fell on there. Also, they were left in the broiler way to long. Browning is to be expected, these were charred!! Once I peeled the burnt top off of them, they were great. Also, we ate our meal with NO drink refills. Our server was way to busy cutting up with the other servers at the tea urns in the server station.

I really think Cooper River Grill needs a little Restaurant 101. Never once did I see a manager. Managers, you MUST let every guest know of your presence. Even if you do not speak to every guest, you make sure they know you are there. You really need to train people how to behave while standing at the hostess stand. We had NO acknowledgment on our way out of the restaurant either. No bye, see ya later, don't let the door hit you in the rump, nothing. BAD, BAD, BAD!!! Servers MUST revisit the table after food delivery within 60 to 90 seconds. Guests at that time know what else they will need and they will also be able to let you know how their food is. When our server finally did come back after we were finished with our meals, we got drink refills. Servers, you NEVER, EVER take a glass from the table to refill drinks. If you do not know why, or you cannot figure it out, ask your friendly health inspector during their next visit. Also, your sugar caddies. White goes on the right for the National Assoc. Of The Blind. The kitchen staff needs to learn to prepare items to spec. One more thing. My son was not able to eat all of his burger so the server took it to be boxed up. It was brought back in a soup cup. Absolutely ridiculous. This place was a nightmare. It was WORSE than the Twilight Zone.

Haywood Rd staff, you should be ashamed of yourselves!! Someone put a lot of time and money into fixing this restaurant up. You are ruining it. Cooper River owners, I have 2 suggestions for you. Retrain your entire staff!!! If you do not, you will be doomed. Or, put in a drive thru window. Please do not subject others to the horrible service.

I give the food an A-. I give the FOH (front of house staff)
an F. I would give them worse if there was such a thing. If I EVER return to this restaurant, it will be for a to go order.

FYI...I have also been to the restaurant in Seneca. It was GREAT all the way around!!!

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