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Brick City Grille

by Karen Holden
(Greenville, SC)

This restaurant is not top of my list of places to go. My husband and I went there on a Saturday night. The bar was packed. There was a game on which many people were enjoying. We were seated at a table in the main dining room. There was a band who was just setting up when we sat down.

Our server was TJ. He did a great job throughout the entire time we were there. He kept our drinks full and admitted to a mistake when our food came out late. (I would much rather be told the truth than a lame excuse) The food was mediocre at best. The pizza was horrible. You could not pay me to eat it. The worst pizza I have ever had. I mean it was worse than the $5 pizza we had from the local pizza joint in college. They need to remove it form the menu. We also ordered nachos. They were much better than the pizza but that is not saying a lot. Depending on what I was in the mood for, I MIGHT order them again.

The band and the crowd watching the band was the best part of our visit. The band played the expected songs for a band in their 40's to 50's. We had seen them at a couple other bars in town and we have always found them entertaining.

I would definitely go back to this restaurant for drinks and to watch a band. But for the food, NO. There are too many great places in Greenville. This was not our first time here but it was the first (and Last) time we will eat.

Brick City Grille
215 Pelham Road
Greenville, SC 29615

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