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Virginia Food and Beverage Community Knows How to Party

Virginia food and beverage people know how to party. For most Virginia is famous for its peanuts and its ham. Virginians enjoy food and festivals year around, giving great reverence to it. Virginia has several regions of food, with the Eastern shore making up the coastal region with all of the fresh seafood, the Piedmont area making up Central and Southern area offers regional recipes like biscuits and gravy, spoonbread, country ham, red eye gravy and grits, jams and jellies, strawberry shortcake, peach cobbler to name a few. Wine is celebrated everywhere with 100 wineries & vineyards, which most are open for tastings year around. Northern Virginia is well known for its Wines and Mushrooms.

You can tell by all of the festivals and events that happen throughout the state that Virginia food and beverage people know how to party! Be a Virginia Insider. Inform our online community about food and beverage related events and happenings in your city. Write reviews, talk about current happenings, whatever is food and beverage related. We would love to build you a page and help you build a reputation of being your cities food and beverage expert. Interested? (Click Here.) .

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