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Palm Springs is a desert and it gets hot during the summer. I mean HOT! Up to 120 degrees! It always cools off around October

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though, and every year like the swallows to San Juan, the snowbirds from up north flock back down and it seems like the population of people in the valley quadruples in a month. It's great for all the restaurants and bars. No wonder everyone comes back, besides great food and awesome wine our valley is a huge supplier of dates and other produce, hosts over 100 golf courses and major tennis and golf Opens, and is also home to 5 Indian casinos and tons of opportunity for everyone's favorite activity, shopping!

The real reason we are here is to talk about food. Like the rest of California, you are able to find just about any kind of restaurant you are looking for in the Palm Springs. From Asian Fusion at, Roy's, to Vegetarian, at the Veggie and Tea House, and all the delicious morsels inside the melting pot. This is best exemplified along historic Palm Canyon Dr. a.k.a. HWY 111 where some of the best restaurants and bars in the valley reside. Plus they are only a stone's throw away from each other. Just wait until you try some of the best Mexican food in the valley at Las Casuelas. There's something for everyone here in Palm Springs. You just have to look.

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