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"The Orlando food and beverage scene has so much to offer."

Palm Trees, sunny skies, orange groves, and miles and miles of beaches available in an hour’s drive or less.

We are talking Orlando, Florida. Orlando is one of the most desirable areas in the country to call home. Actually, over

18,089,888 people lived the Florida life in 2006; according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Orlando has approximately 1988 people per square mile of land. That’s a city!

Orlando’s subtropical climate and vastly growing economics is the attraction. With 45 suburbs and enormous amounts of activities, why would anyone want to live anywhere else? Temperatures average in the mid 70’s, allowing residents of Orlando to take advantage of a wide range of entertainment. No reason to stay at home, it is not cold outside, no snow, very little rain fall; unless it is the rainy season to which everyone is wet for two or three months in the fall. The city is perfect for any activity.

One could visit a different venue every day and it would take you over 80 years to patron each one; whether it is a fine dining experience or hot dog joint. The number is astounding, 26,366,940; accommodations and food service sales alone take ones breathe away. When one visits Orlando, they always leave stating they want to live here.

Let us not forget about all of the fun! Along with visiting the nearby Kennedy Space Station, there’s Walt Disney World Resort, need I say more. Home of Mickey and Minnie, Sea World, MGM Studios and so much more. The food is whatever you could dream of, Disney has thought of everything; down to the International Boulevard that houses different countries and cultures from around the world. Where’s my fork!

Orlando is also home to 5 prominent museums along with talented folks working the theaters, plays, operas, and ballet. Many within walking distances to an array of restaurants and wine stores. Numerous colleges are in the area, including but not limited to the University of Central Florida, which is 6th largest in the nation for enrollment. Since we are talking college, let’s talk football; oh, the beloved pig skin sport. Home to University of Central Florida Knights, FSU Seminoles, University of South Florida Bulls, University of Florida Gators from Miami and who can forget Florida State. Whatever your team choice, the games are only a hop away down one of the major highways that connect all the cities together. Don’t forget the Miami Dolphins; the National Football League would be highly upset. This event is about a 4.5 hour drive but is well worth it. The excitement of a live professional game is second to none, along with the food, seems that football has become one of the next culinary experiences of a lifetime.

For those who like to shop, Oh my. Like a child in a free candy store, the spending options are beyond your wildest dreams. Eleven malls and 4 flea markets and this are not including the street shops at every nook and cranny. Getting lost once or twice and finding some of the most amazing stores, my pocket book clamped down on my arm as to say, No more shopping! One has to wonder, where all the money comes from to shop all the places. A person needs a job just to fund the shopping experiences. Every time a festival shows up in a city, food and beverage is just around the corner to accompany the shopping and entertainment plate.

Speaking of Orlando food, we can now get down to the nuts and bolts of Orlando food and beverage. The food and beverage topic. Where to start? Each city has its own “favorite”, however; the Orlando food and beverage market has more favorites than it has bad restaurants. Together with the 45 city suburb menagerie, we all could eat and drink ourselves silly. From sushi to Indian cuisine, Japanese to Polish, Cuban to Italian; we can find an eatery that suits your cravings. Orlando area has several wineries and a spectacular club scene that specializes in tantalizing martinis and superb appetizers. One can only hope to taste the menu at least once.

Make sure when you come visit our wonderful city, you leave enough time to venture out past the hustle, make your way to a little restaurant with a cute name; tucked into a shopping center in any little suburb of Orlando, one will not be disappointed. While your there, shop one of the many stores, buy your favorite Orlando college football souvenir and take home just a piece of the beautiful culture. Orlando does seem to have it all. Palm trees, sunny skies and a smorgasbord of tummy fillers and entertainment, not to mention the vibrant Orlando food and beverage scene. Come enjoy it with us, wont you.

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