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Hello and welcome to Orlando Insider page for Kara and Jessi. We are a mother and daughter team, who together; Love food, drink and fun. The two of us are excited to be able to bring our great city of Orlando and its culinary fare to you. This vast city of entertainment and family getaways is quite the kaleidoscope of food and beverage venues. We will try to make our city proud of the conquered menus and reviews

We are new to the Orlando area and welcome this opportunity to bring you its delights! Our heritage takes us back to Germany and Romania and Poland. This in no way makes us bias, we love all food. Baked, Fried, Grilled, Boiled, Raw are how most of the tasty treats are prepared. With relatives from all over the world, our cooking experiences have been passed down, modified and enjoyed by many. Wonderful versions of standards and true to form originals, One only has to believe in food to be able to cook and truly enjoy it. Our background includes the ownership a tic back of a small restaurant and bar combo with a wonderful menu prepared fresh each day. I guess we would be considered “ Frig”erator Cooks”- taking whats fresh and available now and making magic. Now, we do cook from recipes and family hand-me-downs, but we like to explore the unexpected. We have this learned ability to match food with spices and sides that compliment each other tremendously. Allow us to provide you with a link to some wonderful kitchen stuff. At kitchenstuffplus.com you will find everything you need to stock your kitchen, even those hard to find items. Check them out when you have time, they built a splendid site with reasonably priced items.

We consider ourselves self taught chefs. Since my daughter has been able to stand, Jessi has been right aside of the stove learning. I have taught both my children (I have a wonderful son who is in the restaurant business) how to “fen” for themselves. We eat everything and cooking has become second nature to all of us. Sure, we have those moments, like every good chef where that dish just didn’t look the way we expected it to or the presentation was awesome but the taste was bland. Trial and error is what it is all about and we intend to find those excellent chefs and drink masters as well as the barista extraordinaire in Orlando areas. As “Insiders”, we plan on reporting all of the yummy food and beverage finds or not so appetizing as well, we have to be fair! We will tell you about our adventures to fun food festivals and events. A tradition that had been started out of boredom; go out on a Saturday, with pocketbooks in tote; and find a new place to fill our empty tummies and sample what is new, this now will become the norm as we report back here our wonderful experiences as your Orlando Insider.

Jessi and I believe that food should be enjoyed, treasured and exciting. We look forward to being your Orlando Insider and showing you Orlando. Please feel free to email us anytime with comments or suggestions; we would love to hear from you. Orlandoinsider@yahoo.com. Happy eating!

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