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Manchester Food and Beverage Scene Is Growing Rapidly

Manchester, the largest city in New England north of Boston, MA, is today, a diverse and growing city with more than 110,000 residents and approximately 400,000 in the Greater Manchester area. Manchester is easily accessible by plane with Manchester Boston Regional Airport as well as by car and bus. Affordable housing, low taxes, great restaurants, excellent colleges, a growing arts and culture community along with talented sports teams, has transformed Manchester, NH into a great place to live in New England.

In downtown Manchester is the largest civic arena in the state, the Verizon Wireless Arena with 10,000 seats for sporting events, concerts and even Monster Truck shows. The arena is home to the Manchester Monarchs hockey team, the AHL affiliate of the Los Angeles Kings and is also home to the Manchester Wolves, an Arena2 football team. Just down the street is stadium, the home to New Hampshire’s only AA affiliate baseball team, the New Hampshire Fishercats.

Cultural entertainment includes live performances at the beautifully restored Palace Theater as well as NH Symphony Orchestra, the NH Philharmonic Orchestra, OperaNH, the NH Institute of Art, and the acclaimed Currier Museum of Art. Museums include the Millyard Museum, Manchester Historic Association, Amoskeag Fishways, FIRST, the SEE Science Center, and the Franco American Centre.

The entire state of New Hampshire offers tax-free shopping, and nearly 100 businesses are located in downtown Manchester for retail therapy. More than 70 restaurants call the downtown area of Manchester home as do about 20 nightclubs and bars.

The goal here is to bring you the latest information on the restaurant and bar scene in Manchester and the surrounding communities. We’ll provide you with the best information on where to go for dinner, dancing, cocktails or to catch local bands performing.

Downtown Manchester

The bulk of restaurants in Manchester are located in the downtown area with everything from one of the oldest diners in the United States, to trendy eateries and upscale dining. Manchester boasts a diverse ethnic population, and the restaurant choices reflect this as well. Grab breakfast at The Red Arrow Diner, stay downtown for lunch at 900 Degrees, and have dinner and cocktails at Cotton. Finish the night with live music at The Strange Brew Tavern or catch the game on one of the televisions at J.W. Hill’s upscale sports bar. Whatever your pleasure, Manchester’s downtown area can satisfy everyone in your group.

Suburbs: Bedford, Merrimack, Goffstown

Here you’ll find great casual dining, traditional New England Country Inns, and that diamond in the rough. From upscale dining at The Bedford Village Inn to great trendy restaurants like Damian’s on the River, you can find great choices in this area with most at very reasonable prices.

Short Drive: Nashua, Salem, Concord

Nashua, just 15 miles south of Manchester, and the second largest city in the state is home to a large number of great restaurants and bars as well, with choices including upscale and trendy to ethnic. Salem, an upcoming small city within the state is experiencing somewhat of a blooming with new hotspots like Devito’s on Main/Stevie D’s as well as old favorites like the Green Barn. Concord, the state capital, has a rich tradition of good food as well, with a great concentration of restaurants right around the State Capital building including perennial favorite The Barley House.

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