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Louisiana food and beverage is a rich in culture as it is rich in its 300 years of traditions of regional foods that are known worldwide. One would argue that, these recipes and traditions are recognized more than any other culture due to their resistance to changing their food traditions. While researching each State for the site, I was amazed out how much information was out there to retain these traditions.

An excellent example of this information is on the different gumbo recipes that describe how to make this wonderful dish, and the heritage that each recipe portrays. With every region describing their gumbo is the best; you can see at least some common threads. Those who enjoy black roux, you have ties to the Atchafalaya Basin, or a lighter roux or add tomatoes, and you must be from the southeast. Although with meat and sausage, file is used to thicken, okra is used to thicken the seafood based gumbo of the coast.

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Traditions go farther than the gumbo, with different influences from the Creole French to the Colonial Spanish influences to the Italian American influences in the form of Catholic symbols. With the State divided into three major cultural regions; New Orleans, South Louisiana, and North Louisiana, each contains cultures from each remain distinct from that of the larger group.

New Orleans is best known for its Creole cooking, interchangeable with Cajun cooking, a blend of traditional cooking and borrowing among regions of different regions of Louisiana. The French bringing étouffée, and Spanish with their version of paella, jambalaya, the Africans contributed okra, the Germans, sausages. One could learn from their heritage and their commitment to keeping this strong foothold of culinary genius going through generations passing along recipes. Unlike most states, the average cook holds high culinary skills, because of their pride in their cooking, and enjoy the idea of their foods will be the best you have ever had. While most State’s culinary heritage will not last the test of time, Louisiana food and beverage will continue to pass this knowledge on to their family lore to nieces, cousins, aunts, and children. Louisiana food, like the culture will always add a nice touch of spice to your life.

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food and beverage undergroundfood and beverage undergroundfood and beverage underground

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