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WEREWOLVES @ Trader Vics!

by Chef J. Hugh
(Viagra Triangle, Chicago)

Trader Vics Chicago

Trader Vics Chicago

12.24.08 - Werewolves at Trader Vics

Last night I saw a Werewolf Drinking a pina colada
at (Trader Vics). Actually it was a "Chicago Wolves" professional hockey player. Close enough.

Trader Vics has just opened a new Tiki Lounge in
Chicago's Gold Coast. Just across the street from
The legendary GIBSON'S steak house, the new
Polynesian restaurant and bar has taken over the
Location of the once famous GROTTO.

The grotto in its heyday was the hang out of such stellar Party Animals as Hugh Heffner, Frank Sinatra, and Cary Grant.

It is a truly great location right in the heart of the Infamous Chicago (VIAGRA TRIANGLE).

* young women go in and may never come out!

Vics has a wonderful layout. The bar looks across
At an indoor live tropical rain forest. Surrounded by many of Chicago's hottest nightspots, this place should do well so long as they get the word out.

Having spent many a happy night in the London
Trader Vics in Mayfair, Chef J can tell you this
Can be a great thing for Chicago. So the next time
You are looking for a Mai Tai in the Windy City, you can't go wrong stopping by Vics. After all, they INVENTED the (Mia Tai). They make a great
PuPu Plater too. Tell'em (Chef J. sent you)!

Trader Vics : 1030 North State Parkway
Chicago, IL 312.642.6500

4:00 to 1:00 PM daily

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