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by Karen Holden
(Greenville, SC)

My husband and I have been here many times. All but 1 time has been good to great. Trio is in a great location right in the middle of Main St downtown Greenville. The decor is great. I love the exposed brick walls and the perfect location. The food is always fantastic. We especially love the calzones. All of them are equally good. They also come with your choice of dipping sauce. One is a marinara sauce and the other is a cream sauce. We have also tried the sandwiches and they too are fantastic.

My only complaint about this restaurant is that the service is never consistent. I would imagine this comes from lack of real training. As I said earlier, my husband and I had only had 1 BIG problem with this restaurant over the years. It was HORRIBLE management. If there are bad managers, there will be bad service.

Our incident happened when after an hour, our food had still not arrived at the table. The server continued to make excuses. When we told her we had to go, she went and talked to the manager. The server returned saying that the manager would take the meals we were unhappy with off of the bill. UNHAPPY??? SERIOUSLY??? We NEVER got them!!!! The manager never visited our table, never apologized, nothing. We even left a comment card about how disappointed we were and we were never contacted. I guess it really does not matter to them.

I WILL go back to this restaurant. If this would have been my first visit to Trio I would NOT return. One very bad experience in all of the times we have been here will not keep me from returning. But it will be strictly for the food. I am not sure if that manager is still there or not. I really hope she is gone. It has been a while since our last visit. Trio does have a reputation of not having good service. I hope the owners address this issue.

22 N Main St
Greenville, SC 29601
(864) 987-9005

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