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Stax Diner and Stax Omega

by Karen Holden
(Greenville, SC)

I am doing this review for both of these restaurants together because the menu is the same. The quality of service is the same. Just 2 different locations. Stax Omega is located on Orchard Park Dr close to Haywood Rd. Stax Diner is located on off of Pelham Rd on Restaurant Row. Each one is equally fantastic!!!

I cannot imagine Greenville without the Stax Restaurants. All of the locals LOVE them. I must say, I agree. The food is always phenomenal. Whether its breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It does not matter. You will never be disappointed. The service is perfect. Your glass will never be less than 1/4 full before it is refilled. And no, it does not matter who is waiting on you or at which restaurant you are dining. I am not sure if the server training is that perfect, or they are extremely picky about who they hire. All restaurant managers should get with Stax and try to copy. It is that good.

As far as the menu goes, they have everything. Literally, EVERYTHING. I could not imagine being a cook in this restaurant. The menu is so expansive. Whatever you are in the mood for, they have it. Greek food, salads, wraps, sandwiches, meat and three plates, and wonderful breakfast items. The desserts...DELICIOUS!!! My husband and I can be found almost every Sunday AM at one of the two restaurants.

If you are new to Greenville or just visiting, I HIGHLY recommend. You will not be disappointed. YUM!!!!

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