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Slow Food

by Chef J !
(Chicago !)

Dear Culinary Colleagues,

"Recently" a friend and I had the opportunity
to spend some time in Ireland. We dined both
in Dublin and a few smaller villages.

While the cuisine found in many restaurants
in Dublin is certainly the equal to that found in
London, New York or San Francisco; I am not sure that it reflects "true" Traditional Irish Cuisine.

How - while "on the way" from Dublin to another
Business meeting; we stopped in a tiny village named Bally Bay.

There, in a tiny Pub a local farmer, hearing that a "Chef" from America was in town - immediately left the bar.

we thought perhaps he did not wish to associate with "city folks"

To our great surprise he returned shortly with a huge wheel of Cheese.

It seems he makes a very few wheels of Bleu Cheese each year; for his own dinner table. Each cheese was aged for years... and only shared with his closest friends.

He presented us with one of his precious works of art, to taste and enjoy with him and those present.

It was with out question - the most wonderful, delicious cheese I have ever tasted.

A meal of Irish Cheese and Guinness. Loving made perhaps two hundred yards from the table... taking "years' to prepare.

May I humbly suggest;

This is my definition of "Slow Food".

It is also - in my opinion - a fine example of great Irish Cuisine.

Ciao 4 Niao,

Chef J.

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