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We at Food and Beverage Underground want to provide as much quality restaurant content to our visitors as possible. With this in mind we devised a program to get relevant content for the site as well as offer a unique benefit to contributors.

Our win-win-win program is great for you, as it will increase your credibility and exposure. It will also be a win for the visitors, as they will learn from a variety of experience. Finally, it will be a win for the site, as it will be adding more exciting restaurant content. There are three great ways for to get involved in this exciting content program:

Article Contribution

Write an article on a food and beverage related topic. You and your restaurant will be credited and a text link to your web site will be included in the article.

Restaurant Profile

Every week we will be featuring a new restaurant with pages for a restaurant overview, one page to introduce the chef and key employees, and two menu pages.

Chef Spotlight

Every week we will be doing a Chef feature which will highlight a Chef and two recipes.

Add your article into the invitation form here. As soon as the article is accepted we will add it to the site and inform you that it is up and of its location.

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