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July 4th, 2009 - Uncommon Sense

by Chef J !
(Chicago / Gold Coast)

Common Sense Salad

Common Sense Salad

July 9, 2009

Uncommon Sense

Common sense isn’t that common anymore.

Giving a half million dollar home loan to someone who only takes home $ 700 per week
makes no sense. The person who asked for the loan would never be able to keep making
those payments. The bank that gave the loan would never get its money back. The family that lived in the house would never get to stay in that home.

The politician that encouraged such loans would wind up with another empty, foreclosed building – maybe a crack house - not paying taxes. No one involved in such a foolish chain of events had any common sense. A better idea would have been to build homes that most Americans would be able to afford to buy. It feels good to give low income people big loans for expensive homes. It “felt” good. No one feels good when they lose that home. Doing what “feels” good rather than what makes sense is never a good idea.

Eating right is like that. We should all use common sense when choosing what to eat. It may feel good to pig out on huge portions of pizza, fried foods, and beer. It feels good to eat big bowls of ice cream, potato chips, and soda. Yet common sense tells us all that such a food-fix is a bad idea. Common sense shows us all what to eat. We only have to open our eyes and believe what we see. Great, good for us foods are right there in front of us. We simply need to use a little common sense, and the tools that most of us were born with.

Color! Common sense tells us that fresh fruits and vegetables are good for us. Our eyes are drawn to bright vibrant colors. Mother Nature made the very best foods colorful for us! Common sense tells us that the brighter the color of fruits, berries, and vegetables – the better they are for us to eat! We should all eat as many colors of the rainbow as we can every day.

Portions! Again, common sense tells us that eating huge portions of food at one sitting is going to make us feel bloated and stuffed. If we over stuff ourselves like pigs, we will feel like pigs. It makes much more sense to eat 4 (or even five) much smaller meals every day. Common sense tells us that keeping our bodies well fueled and our blood sugar balanced will make us feel better all day long. It will also help us lose weight and keep it off.

Get real! Common sense shows us all that eating FAKE food is a bad idea. Chemical sweeteners, diet drinks, weight loss bars, and processed foods in general are not and will not be better for us, than real, natural foods. We all truly know this. Yet some of us keep trying to find the lazy, easy, way. Some still hope for a free lunch. Many of us think we are entitled to eat only treats and sweets. Common sense lets all of us know that we can’t eat like an elephant and feel like a Tiger! Instead, if we eat only treats we may end up feeling and looking like that elephant.

Move! Lastly we all realize that if we lay around all day not using our bodies; our bodies won’t be able to move the way we want them to, and when we need them to. It’s really pretty simple. Most of us already realize these things. We all have heard them before. Now it is time for us to take action. Stop thinking about it, and start living it! We all can feel better and look better starting right now. All it takes is a little…

...Common Sense. - G & CJ

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Jul 11, 2009
Great, sensible article!
by: Suzy

Never said it pure and simple. A no-nonsense article about food AND nutrition! Great, keep it going!

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