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Suzy Brings You the Peru
Food and Beverage Scene

Hello, I am Suzy and I am going to show you Peru. I am a savvy hotelier, travel and events guru, culinary enthusiast, self-taught nutritionist in that order, having worked for a total of 10 hotel resorts, 4 travel companies and 13 restaurants to date. Being a health and fitness buff, I practice Pilates every other day, but my daily indulgence is in life’s purest and simplest pleasure – food! Glorious food!

Susan Santos Arboleda, Peru food

I started my hospitality career in 1984 as sales executive for a beach and country club, handling events, corporate meetings, conventions, company beach outings and banquets then moved on to a hotel resort management company of 6 varied properties at Philippines’ key locations, doing more of the same thing but six times over! To learn and practice other areas of Marketing, I accepted the offer of a French cosmetic and beauty company. It was more of a break (no work on weekends) than working as I go to malls more often than not!

Having learned the ropes of brand and retail management, I returned to the tourism industry via hands-on job for a travel agency and later went back full circle to the hospitality business managing a pioneering small resort at one of the world’s best beaches, Boracay. Stayed on for the next 10 years in this little slice of heaven, managing 2 other resorts, a transport and tour operations company. Since then, I shifted to work as independent consultant in hospitality, travel, marketing and events, with bases in Singapore and Philippines. My 3 years in Singapore has exposed me to the amazing flavors and spices of Southeast Asia. Last 2005 I moved to Peru and since then embarked on a culinary adventure like no other!

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Breakfast blast, Peruvian style 
With breakfast as my most important meal no other fare has bowled me over more than its breakfast (no pun intended). Indeed, they are quite poles apart …

Peruvian crops galore! 
Peruvians relish the world’s most healthy and nutritious tubers (root vegetables), crops and grains such as Quinoa, now touted as the world´s healthiest …

Chifa off the old block Not rated yet
Chifa Off the Old Block (Peru’s take on Chinese cuisine) When I was based in Singapore for three years, there is nothing more I thoroughly relished …

Craving for Comida Criolla (Peru's Creole Cuisine) Not rated yet
Each country in the entire Latin American region has its own "Comida Criolla" (pronounced kri-o-ya) in their particular cuisine due to the fact that the …

Do Ceviche as Lima does Not rated yet
Ceviche (lime-marinated fish or seafood) is no doubt coastal Peru’s most popular dish, from the northernmost shores of Tumbes to its farthest southern …

Refugio de Santiago Huerto Andino y Restaurante- An exquisite Novo Andino refuge at one of Peru's most fertile valley, Lunahuana Not rated yet
One long weekend holiday we set off to get to know more of Peru, to a quite popular region along the Central Valley, known for its river rafting activities …

Peaches and Herbs Not rated yet
Lima is the fruit and crops basket of Peru with diversity so rich from the different regions according to varied seasons. They never run out of fresh fruits, …

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food and beverage underground Breakfast blast, Peruvian style
food and beverage underground Chifa off the old block
food and beverage underground Craving for Comida Criolla
food and beverage underground Do Ceviche as Lima does
food and beverage underground Peaches and Herbs
food and beverage underground Peruvian Crops Galore!
food and beverage underground Refugio de Santiago Huerto Andino y Restaurante

food and beverage undergroundfood and beverage undergroundfood and beverage underground

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