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Palm Beach County “The Best of Everything”

As Palm Beach creeps up on its 100 year anniversary, the growth of the local food and beverage culture is never ending.

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Originally established as a luxury resort town by Henry Flagler, Palm Beach originated with the infamous Breakers hotel and Royal Poinsienna Hotel. Bringing the wealthy population down from areas such as New York, Boston and Detroit for the warm winter months, courtesy of the Florida East Coast Railway is something that still lives on into today.

Palm Beach is now home to not only some of the finest restaurants and bars, but beaches, accommodations, attractions, shopping and nightlife. Many celebrities call Palm Beach their home, making a large concentration of wealthy families to fuel the fire of the food and beverage scene. Weather you’re sipping a punch drink in a tropical beach cabana, or dressed head to toe in couture designers at a five star restaurant, or even enjoying one of our many ‘side of the road’ ethnic stops, Palm Beach offers a very diversified and endless world of food and beverage opportunities.

Between the beauties, the beaches and the best dining, what more could one want the Palm Beach does not have to offer.

From Palm Beach to Florida


Christina Tarr

food and beverage undergroundfood and beverage undergroundfood and beverage underground

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