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Columbia Insider Nancy Eugenio Silver
Welcomes You To Columbia

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Hello all you food and beverage fans! My name is Nancy Eugenio Silver and I’m your Columbia insider. I’m originally from Ludlow, MA but am now a fully inducted Columbian.

My husband and his family come from a long line of restaurant suppliers. Through them I have met many great chefs and restaurant owners. I have also been introduced to a variety of exotic and interesting foods that I would never have even considered trying before. Ever eaten alligator? How about frog? It really does taste like chicken but it’s hard to get over the appearance of it.

If you’ve gotten this far then you’ve already read my intro to the city. So why aren’t you here already? Oh, I know, you’re looking for a restaurant/bar/festival to go to. Ok, I can help you out. Just keep reading to find "out of this world" cuisine. You will want to take these chefs home with you! I’ll even tell you the places to avoid, whether it’s too expensive, bad wait staff, dirty, or the food is just plain bad. So what are you waiting for - enjoy!

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Dianne's on Devine 
For a special evening, in my case my one year wedding anniversary, we needed something to commemorate the beautiful occasion with an equally beautiful …

Blue Tapas Bar & Cocktail Lounge 
Blue is one of the newer bars in the Vista area of Columbia. Look for the Wild Wings Café off of Lady Street and you will find this little gem hidden …

SakiTumi Grill & Sushi Bar 
SakiTumi is a fairly new Japanese restaurant that has only been open for about a year. This unique establishment is located at 807 Gervais St. and takes …

Being in the mood for something exotic, my friends and I decided to try a Mediterranean style restaurant. We headed to Devine Street where I had previously …

Taste of the Vista Not rated yet
The first annual Taste of the Vista was held on Saturday, October 4, 2008 using the theme “Viva La Vista” as its slogan. The event was held at the intersection …

Liberty Tap Room Not rated yet
The Liberty is one of my favorite places in Columbia. When you first walk in, you can choose to sit in the main dining area on the right or go to the …

SC Oyster Festival Not rated yet
The Columbia City Stadium hosted the 13th Annual SC Oyster Festival on Saturday, April 12, 2008. Despite the dangers of being rained out there was a …

The Flying Saucer Not rated yet
Welcome to the flying saucer! If you love beer this is a must see stop in Columbia. With twelve locations in the Southeast, the flying saucer on Senate …

Tsunami Not rated yet
Tsunami is another famous sushi restaurant & bar located in the Vista area of Columbia. There are two other Tsunamis in the Charleston, SC area, and …

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