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Welcome to Cincinnati - The Queen City.
The Culinary Gem At The Gates To The Midwest

What can be said of Greater Cincinnati? Well for starters the “Greater” part encompasses the Northern Kentucky
community. That is where I have lived for my entire life. With the exception of three years when I lived in downtown Cincinnati. I live on the banks of the Ohio River in a beautiful historic district in the city of Covington.

One of the handles Covington has acquired over the years is “gateway to the south”. In a food sense you definitely “get” this when you cross one of the many bridges from Ohio to Kentucky. But at the same time it all seems to be just one great big neighborhood with a lot of diversity in people and food. So the groundwork is there for all kinds of great experiences.

Of course there is the famous Cincinnati Chili, and while all of the natives consider this to be somewhat of a staple; and of course we go back with Goetta a long, long way, Cincinnati has a lot to offer old and new. I have met many diners from other cities who have never heard of Goetta or greek chili. And while these are great regional favorites, I would not want anyone to think that is all that we have to offer. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Many staples of fine dining exist here – including any of Jeff Ruby’s establishments (there are several across the area). They can all be counted on for an exceptional dining experience. There is also Chef Jean Robert who continues to open eclectic restaurants and café’s in the area that also are very sure bets. I fortunately am in walking distance of many of these great spots. And they are not the only one’s that bear mentioning, there are many. My ‘beat’ is the downtown/river area. There is always a lot going on, a lot of fun, and lots of great dining and drinking spots throughout! A wonderful friendly Midwest city that should not be underestimated when it comes to knowing how to live well!

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