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The California Food and Beverage Scene

The California food and beverage scene is really something that you just can't describe. I thought long and hard on how to write this page and just couldn't seem to get my arms around
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it, and then after doing more research I realized why. The California scene is just too big to describe.

If you were to make California it's own country it would list 7th biggest economies in the world, and is the largest economy in the United States. Los Angeles alone has the fourth biggest economy compared to the rest of the states in the union. One out of every eight Americans live in California. It boasts the Avocado Capital of the World, The Raisin Capital of the World and the Date Capital of the World.

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Among the numerous distinct ethnic regions in the California food and beverage scene are enclaves such as Chinatown, Historic Filipinotown, Koreatown, Little Armenia, Little Ethiopia, Tehrangeles, Little India, Little Tokyo, and Thai Town. Individually, these districts offer authentic and blended variations of their native cuisines, perhaps expressing the very best of their respective homelands’ culinary personalities; together they represent a panorama of culinary flavors and service styles sufficient to beguile even the most experienced of restaurateurs.

Then their is the draw of the wine. California grows more than 300.000 tons of grapes each year. It produces some 17 million gallons of wine annually. What goes better than expertly prepared food with the local beverage? Although the state motto "Eureka" was adopted in 1849 alluding to the discovery of gold in the Sierra Nevada the term could easily be coined today if they had just found "Wine Country."

You do not have to do too much research to see why the many factors that California food and beverage has to offer has drawn some of the most talented and exciting Chefs, Servers, Bartenders and Managers in the industry. It does not take much of a stretch to see why so many people want to prove they have the right stuff in the industry prove themselves in arguably the biggest and best food and beverage markets in the world.

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Our normal layout for the state pages simply just doesn't work when it comes to California f&b. We have added the resource section for the state here on the California food and beverage page, but on each city page you will find the majority of the festivals and event listings (they are simply too numerous to list here). So please select a city or region that you are interested in and we will break down the California food and beverage scene that way.

And the pool of talent is no shallower in the back of house. In addition to a multitude of grey-market employees wishing to fill the “dirty hands” positions amid the stainless steel, the city is also host to any number of aspiring epicures, as evidenced by the large number of culinary art and education institutions. Add to this the presence of numerous celebrity chefs, and the high profile of the industry generally as the glitterati strut their late-night stuff (pursued hotly by the paparazzi), and the result is a highly motivated pool of potential BOH rock stars, merely awaiting your selection.

Overall, the Los Angeles hospitality industry is among the healthiest, most diverse, and most exciting of any city in the world. And in a city renowned for its beach culture and laid-back attitude, it is not hard to see why true enthusiasts of the industry are anything but laid-back about the emergence of Los Angeles as one of the world’s premier dining and hospitality destinations.

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food and beverage undergroundfood and beverage undergroundfood and beverage underground

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