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Looking For Las Vegas Steakhouse Restaurants?

Las Vegas Steakhouse restaurants are as plentiful as chips in the World Series of Poker and have as big arrange in quality and preparation as Kobe to ground chuck There are two upscale establishments that take the blue ribbon and are certainly a cut above the rest as far as Las Vegas Steakhouse restaurants go and they are Gallagher's Steakhouse in New York - New York Craftsteak in the MGM Grand.

Gallagher’s Steakhouse has the look and feel that brings you back to New York where the original Gallagher’s opened as a speakeasy in 1927. This replication keeps with the New York theme and certainly the reputation of the original, but it is not the nostalgic feelings that have people clamoring for more, it’s the steaks!

Their beef aging area is a showcase of the restaurant and it is where they produce their own 21-day air-dried beef masterpieces. Out of the aging room and onto the fire, but not just any fire will do for these tender slabs. Gallagher’s Steakhouse creations are perfected on their special mesquite-grill giving the perfect touch to their steaks and seafood specialties.

The portions are hearty and the food divine so loosen your belt and try some of the best steaks in Vegas. We must let you know that the NY Sirloin and the Prime Rib were our favorites, so much so I had to go for the larger 18oz. Cut.

At Craftsteak you get the expected elegant Las Vegas Steakhouse restaurant feel as it is adorned with luscious leather booths surrounded by an elegantly comfortable wood, bronze and glass structure.

Craftsteak goes to great pains to highlight their commitment to natural food and their incredible beef aged to perfection, but there is more to Craftsteak than just mouth-watering steaks. They offer a wide range of selections on their menu including veal, duck, salmon and lobster dishes to name a few.

Keeping with the theme of Vegas Steakhouse restaurants go with the beef!!! Their charcuterie sampler is a perfect starter and the grilled Kobe skirt steak will leave your taste buds dancing!

Rather Save Money For The Tables?

Don’t worry, there are a multitude of Las Vegas Steakhouse restaurants that will satisfy the carnivore in you without breaking the bank…..

More Las Vegas Steakhouse Restaurants

food and beverage undergroundfood and beverage undergroundfood and beverage underground

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