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No question that one of the most popular ideas in
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he new buzz word around town is "local" and everyone wants to be doing it- whether it is buying food, eating out or shopping for anything really. More people strive to seek out fresh, clean, chemical free, minimally processed foods for themselves and their families, and to support those people producing those goods in our area. This beautiful return to our local economy will only serve to strengthen the community and its members.

I am a sixth year farmer, having trained (by working, of course!) on organic farms in New York, California and South Carolina. Rita’s Roots is partnered with Thackeray Farms on Wadmalaw Island, transitioning half of the farm's conventional flower fields into organic vegetable fields. We run a 120-person Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program in the Spring and Summer and sell at the Marion Square Farmers Market in downtown Charleston, as well as the market in Mount Pleasant. We deliver our fresh produce to 10 area restaurants- Anson, EVO, FIG, Glass Onion and McCradys being our most dedicated supporters.

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Eating locally requires a little research- who grows food in this area and where can it be found? Most likely, not in the grocery store! A farmer’s supply can be limited, but by selling out of their goods, it only encourages more people to start a farming operation of their own. I keep my eyes peeled for the seasonal treats, so I know when to buy (or harvest) enough to keep me stocked all year round. In doing so I keep my food dollars in the community amongst people I know serve the Earth and the creatures they nurture to food.

Shopping locally also gives me gratification in the knowledge that I am NOT supporting GMOs- organisms created by Monsanto and other biotech giants whose sole desire is to make profits by abnormally altering the genetically makeup of our FOOD and patenting this new life in order to control the food supply- most of the corn, soy and canola grown in the USA has been genetically modified and patented which means no saving seed! Most fresh vegetables and fruits have not been genetically modified, and pasture raised animals typically are healthy and don’t need GM growth hormones or antibiotics.

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