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chef Fred Neuville, fat hen, wild olive

hef Fred Neuville opened Fat Hen, a neighborhood restaurant, focusing on French inspired Southern cuisine in July, 2007. This cozy 100 seat dining room and bar in a 1940’s bungalow nestled between oaks trees.

Chef Fred Neuville also recently opened Wild Olive, a trattoria style restaurant focusing on local products from the area, as well as from markets in Italy. With the focus on delicious food, fresh products and sensuous wine list, offering the same warm hospitality as his flagship Fat Hen restaurant.

We asked Chef Fred Neuville this months top ten question list and is what he had to say.

[F&BT] What is the best industry advise you have ever been given?

[Chef] In order to be successful you have got to strive for perfection you achieve excellence. Customer satisfaction is achieved plate-to-plate and person-to-person.

[F&BT] What is on your plate now?

[Chef] That is my favorite question, to learn as much as you can in the short time that we have.

[F&BT] What makes a great first impression to impress you?

[Chef] The willingness to work hard and learn from your mistakes. Also to be of service to others not only guests but the people that you work with and your suppliers.

chef Fred Neuville, fat hen, wild olive

[F&BT] What are you doing in this downturn in the economy to help your business?

[Chef] Working each day and striving to maintain consistency in product & service the same as I have done when the economy was good.

[F&BT] How do you deal with the day-to-day pressures?

[Chef] Talk with my wife

[F&BT] How do you describe your management style?

[Chef] Straight forward, fair, firm. I will tell you when you have done good, and bad. I do not play around when at work. I work, mentor and coach.

[F&BT] What has been your biggest professional disappointment?

[Chef] When people just don't get it, or when I have spent a lot of time & training someone & learn they just don't get it.

[F&BT] What is your proudest achievement?

[Chef] Adopting my children w/ my wife Joan

[F&BT] What is your personal mission statement?

[Chef] Life is a balance between hard work, and family time. You have to strive to find on a daily basis

[F&BT] What advise would you give to someone aspiring to become a Chef?

[Chef] If you don't like long hours and hard work & dealing with people & food the two most imperfect things in the whole world then don't do it

Fred Neuville, Owner
Fat Hen / Wild Olive

Fat Hen Restaurant
3140 Maybank Hwy., Johns Island, SC 29455
843.559.9090 - Fax 843.559.9095

Wild Olive Restaurant
2867 Maybank Hwy., Johns Island, SC 29455
843.737.4177 - Fax 843.737.4187

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