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OAST Brewing Company is a family owned craft brewery located in Noisette- a sustainable community in North Charleston South Carolina. They believe in using alternative means to brew unique and delicious beer. They also believe in utilizing choice organic and local ingredients.

But it's not just about being organic, they have a certain mind set of considering the environment in everything they do. In fact, they are not certified organic and have no plans to be. They do it because they believe it's the right thing to do.

All of their ingredients are listed including which are organic. Energy efficiency is their number one priority as it uses fewer resources right from the start. Their brewhouse is run on waste feedstock biodiesel from a processing plant 300 yards away. Even their spent grain is reused a local farm picks it up to feed their cattle.


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David is the brewer and owner of COAST Brewing Company. He started homebrewing in 1996, the old homebrew kit for a Christmas present trick. Turns out he was good at it and loved it so much he decided to try to make a career out of it. He graduated from the American Brewer's Guild in Davis, Ca in 1998. Heading back to Charleston, he got an assistant brewer gig at Southend Brewery. Frank, the head brewer at the time, was cranking out a huge variety of incredible brews. David learned a lot from that experience but decided to take a head brewer position at Palmetto Brewing Company in 1999. While still at Palmetto, David dreamt of opening his own brewery...

After 2 other attempts that just didn't pan out, COAST Brewing Company was meant to be in 2007. The stars aligned with financing and equipment. A brewpub in Macon, GA went out of business so David rallied the troops and headed over. 72 hours, a lot of sweat and several minor setbacks later, the brewery was on it's way to SC. David then spent the next 7 months setting up the brewhouse, running lines, everything and anything that needed to get done as we could finally brew. On a balmy September morning, the time had come. HopArt IPA and 32/50 Kolsch were about to make history. The first all organic beer to be commercially brewed in SC. Since then they have been brewing as much as physically possible and let the beer speak for itself. He likes to be part of the "last frontier of beer"- the South.

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