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Off the Vine
Dan Duckhorn Raises the Bar
"Dan Duckhorn is just a wonderful man who produces top quality wines
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While their team picks the limited lots for the Estate bottled wines, a portion goes into their Napa line, as well as to elevate their sister label, Decoy.

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Chez Duckhorn


Decoy is produced from classis Bordeaux varietals from Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Petit Verdot. Since 1985, Decoy has continued the strict uidelines placed by the other Duckhorn labels. Decoy varies its blend of grapes yearly to create a luscious, ready to drink wine.


Paraduxx offers well drained alluvial soils from its Rector Creek vineyard. The rocky vineyard in Yountville produces its Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon blend. Goldeneye is influenced by the cool climate of the Pacific Ocean in Anderson Valley in Mendocino County.

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On the vineyard


Goldeneye began producing Pinot Noir in 1997, now sourcing grapes from five Estate vineyards. The five vineyards has over 200 vine acres, with over 11 rootstocks, and 19 different clones. Their philosophy carries up to Mendocino, by sorting and blending multitude of lots for the final product. Migration, the sister label of Goldeneye, was created in 2001. It receives the benefit of the strict guidelines of Goldeneye and its excess juice from the lots. This wine offers a distinct ripe, and fresh style that can be enjoyed with food or by itself.

Canvas Back

dan duckhorn, duckhorn wine
Aging to perfection.

The next label coming out for the Duckhorn wine portfolio will be Canvas Back, continuing with the Duck theme. Canvas Back will be a Priorat blend of Carignan and Grenache. Sourcing these grapes will be through planting and encouraging growers to do the same. The ironic part is that everyone tore these vines out thirty years ago, now going full circle putting them back. Also, the Duckhorn wine group is interested in adding Chardonnay to their portfolio. They will continue their focus on the quality of Merlot, and other varietals as they have in the past. Whatever this group decides to do, I am positive it will be a great success. I have had the pleasure of knowing Dan Duckhorn for a long time, not only is he a great person with outstanding character, he knows and understands the wine business through and through.


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