The Best Restaurants in Jacksonville

Food and Beverage Today Brings You the Best Restaurants in Jacksonville You Can't Miss

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Best Restaurants in Jacksonville
The best restaurants in Jacksonville

These are the top 10 restaurants in Jacksonville that you can not afford to miss:

13 Gypsies
If you want a table at 13 Gypsies, reservations are recommended. This small, funky bistro, run by a husband and wife duo, represents the backlash against fusion.  It’s mainly tapas here and the menu changes seasonally, but they tend toward pure interpretations of dishes from their native lands. You’ll find unadulterated Spanish and Italian dishes (among others) that haven’t been diluted by blatant Americanism.

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Basil Thai and Sushi
There certainly isn’t a shortage of upscale Thai in Jacksonville. While we love hole-in-wall family places such as Taste of Thai, the swank factor of a place like Basil Thai and Sushi does lure us in. It’s probably one of the most expensive Thai places in town, but they do an excellent job and have a large wine selection. Their sushi surpasses their Thai food, and that’s saying something.

Blue Bamboo
Finely crafted fusion cuisine in a white tablecloth setting. Outstanding wines, excellent cocktails

Most of Biscotti’s entrées are under $10, but it’s the place most Jacksonvillains go when they want something fancy and casual at the same time. The skirt steak salad is one of the most popular menu items for dinner, as are their gourmet personal pizzas. Whether you come for a wine tasting in the evening or a breakfast on the weekend, it’s one of the most popular places in town.

They aren’t fine dining, they’re a Middle Eastern Hookah bar with excellent Americanized Middle Eastern and Mediterranean. If you’re hungry after midnight and you don’t want to hang out in a brightly lit chain, this is the place to be. Their kibbie is outstanding, as is their tabbouleh. If you’re afraid to try something to exotic, there’s always the Casbah Pizza--highly recommended for more timid palates.

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