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Clark’s Fish Camp
Clark’s has a massive menu. Not everything on it is excellent. But it simply must make a top 10 list because of its status as a Jacksonville icon. (Whitey‘s in Orange Park, shares that status here on the First Coast). Fish camps are a very Florida and Southern thing. Like other local fish camps, Clark’s grew out of a stop for Jacksonville boaters to fuel up and buy snacks. It became a restaurant chock full of stuffed exotic animals and an odd collection of plates. These plates have game fish of all types lovingly rendered onto the porcelain. The seafood bake plate is recommended, as are most of the fried fish dishes. If you’re feeling adventurous, order one of their exotic appetizers such as the ostrich, kangaroo, antelope or even snake.  

French Pantry
They say this place is one of the best kept secrets in Jacksonville. Judging from their always packed dining room, it‘s not a secret anymore. The French Pantry is only open for lunch and only open on weekdays. Their exquisite salads, delicious pastries and outstanding French breads have made them one of the most popular lunch spots for the business crowd. If you don’t want to wait either come just after the lunch rush or call in your order.

Jacksonville’s fine dining at it’s finest. A robust wine list and food that will rival New Yorks best. The menu is constantly changing as Chef Matthew Medure showcases the finest and freshest ingredients available. You would be hard pressed to find a better meal in Jacksonville. Reservations and credit cards are a must as it is usually full and always pricey.

Mojo’s BBQ
Jacksonville is a barbeque town. So when a barbeque joint ends up on a top 10 list like this, it has some serious competition. Most of the que here is North Carolina inspired, but the sides do surely steal the show. Try the smoked corn and their delightful, sweet and hot jalapeño cornbread.


Cocktails that split the difference between savory and sweet, a raw bar and traditional French fare. Great atmosphere, and a refreshing approach as they utilize regional materials whenever possible and sustainable practices where practical. Top that with some great food and your on the list! A great Jacksonville dining experience.

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