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t's little wonder why thousands of people every summer make the journey to Southern Alaska's Kenai Peninsula. The drive here alone is worth the trip in and of itself. With its endless, breathtaking panorama and abundant wildlife, you will never be at a loss for that Kodak moment. Combine all of this scenic beauty with world-class fishing and you have the makings for the road trip of a lifetime.

Alaskan seafood, Alaska sky

While fair amounts of people come for the nature, even more are here for the sport fishing, looking to hook into Alaska’s largest export... halibut and salmon. Since I neither fall into the camp of avid nature lover (first week here I was chased by a moose), nor die hard fisherman (last time river fishing a grizzly strolled up and stole my catch), I decide to forgo the bears and moose, and head out to the ocean to discover, just what these icy blue waters hold.

Located 160 miles south of Anchorage, the Kenai Peninsula is flanked on the east side by the Prince William Sound and the west by the Cook Inlet. We head to the ruggedness off the Cook Inlet, home to sea worn Charter Captains and world record halibut and salmon fishing. In fact, every year here king salmon are caught upwards of 80 pounds and halibut the size of baby whales weigh in at up to four hundred pounds. I call up Steve Moe, owner of Deep Creek Fishing Club, and an old friend of mine to take us to what he claims is the best fishing hole in Alaska.

Alaskan seafood, Alaska sky

We all head out on a sun filled-balmy summer morning, the water is as calm as glass, a stunning shade of aqua blue and hopefully chock full of hungry fish. Looming mightily in the distance, the horizon is filled with five awe inspiring, glacier capped mountains, one of which, an active volcano, is puffing out clouds of dirty white smoke at frequent intervals. Every so often a cloud of dull-gray ash omits itself from its ancient belly, adding to its overall immensity. Noisy seagulls hitch a ride in our tail wind and a family of whales enjoys the sunny day.

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