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One wise man said that Jacksonville is the most beautiful city that he had ever been to and he couldn’t wait for it to be done. Man has the town grown. With the addition of the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Players Championship here in the area, many new restaurants have collected themselves at the St. Johns Town Center. Here you will find places like Mimi’s Café, PF Chang’s, and The Capital Grille. This is the model for the new dining revolution that is happening in Jacksonville.

About thirty minutes south of Jacksonville you have Historic St. Augustine. Here you will find all the classic restaurants of historic towns. The Columbia on St. George Street is their signature. Be sure to visit Scarlet O’Hara’s and the World Famous Oasis on Anastasia Island. You’ll know you’re going the right way after you pass the lighthouse and the alligator farm.

Here in Jacksonville, we have a little bit of everything. The once segregated and densely populated town has turned into a growing melting pot of commerce and recreation. Most places here you could wear a jacket and tie and the person next to you could have on flip-flops. All are welcome here in the River City. We are truly the Bold New City of the South.

To get a feel of the best reastaurants in Jacksonville we enlisted Erin Thursby to help us come up with our top 10 list.

Erin Thursby is the food editor of the local entertainment monthly EU Jacksonville, where she also writes, takes food photographs and writes other stories, occasionally freelancing for other publications. Her blog, Epicurean Jacksonville, is based, in part, on the philosophy of Epicurus, a Greek philosopher who is most often associated with the phrase "Eat, Drink and be Merry, for tomorrow you may die." She contends that he was more of a sensualist than a hedonist. Like Epicurus, she believes in experiencing the pleasures life has to offer without over indulging.

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