Wine Closures are Noving Away From Cork

Zork Cork a Nice Alternative to Traditional Wine Closures

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Wine closures like cork are not sustainable while Zork Corks alternative solves the problem
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In the past when the Schwerins used an automated bottling line, they found it difficult to justify the equipment rental and labor expense for their small production, so they wanted to try hand-applying ZORK. Doing so not only cut the time in half, it cut their costs by a third.

In fact, the father and daughter team love the ZORK so much, they are using it on all their upcoming releases, including a $38 Vineyard Designate Walla Walla Valley Syrah. “We’re confident the ZORK will perform as well for long-aged wines as it does for ready-to drink vintages. Not only does the closure reinforce our forward-thinking brand, it makes it so easy to get to the wine. And, after all, it’s all about the wine.”

Abigail is diligent about tracking the market’s response to her wines and says she’s not heard one negative comment about ZORK. Even in Sapolil’s tasting room, customers are totally accepting. “I always ask for feedback from customers, retailers, and restaurants and their comments have all been positive,” she says. “Even one of our distributors told me bartenders like the closure because it’s so quick, clean, and easy to open, and it efficiently reseals the wine after by-the-glass pours.”

A final testament to ZORK’s wide acceptance? Sapolil’s Chardonnay is currently served in Walla Walla’s most exclusive hotel.

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ZORK USA is a division of Portola Packaging, Inc., a U.S.-based global designer, manufacturer, and marketer of recyclable plastic closures, bottles, and related equipment and tooling used for packaging beverages. It holds over 100 design and engineering patents and has 13 manufacturing facilities worldwide, including a state-of-the-art plant in Tolleson, Arizona. The company is introducing ZORK to wineries in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

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