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[F&B Today] So every restaurant, bar, hotel or tavern should go out and buy a wireless liquor control system?

[Morton] Sure. That would be okay with us (laugh); but a wireless system might not be right for every situation.

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[F&B Today] How so?

[Morton] Well if you have a hot night club that does 80% of it’s business in the last 2 hours of the night and most of that action is at the service bar; a high speed liquor gun by sprint might be the ticket. The liquor gun is fed by multiple bottles (my partner, Bryan Heatherly, had a hot night club here in Charleston that had 16 bottles of house vodka in his sprint liquor system at all times). Imagine pouring a long island ice tea with the touch of a button, if, however, your bar is in a hotel lobby you might want to show off your top shelf brands in our beautiful touch and pour rack system.

[F&B Today] Sounds like you guys have all the angles covered.

[Morton] We’re trying. We are also introducing our new logo-tap units next month. They are a single bottle mount that helps owners and even liquor companies to feature brands at the point of purchase. They will also be perfect for coffee shops that want to control their flavoring syrups. Some friends of mine, because these units are so affordable, want to put them in their home bars.

[F&B Today] So what’s next?

[Morton] We are committed to finding and bringing to market the latest technological advances to the industry we love. My partner, Bill Harrison, regularly attends trade shows throughout the world to search out the newest and the most exciting hospitality technologies. The new logo-tap unit was first shown at a show in Copenhagen, Denmark in late February of this year.

[F&B Today] Any innovations on the horizon you want to talk about?

[Morton] Wireless draft beer monitoring, maybe? No, let’s save that for the next interview. (laugh)

[F&B Today] Enjoyed our time together. Best of luck

[Morton] Thanks a million. Oh look! It’s happy hour (laugh)

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