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Saint Arnold Brewing Company


aint Arnold Brewing Company is Texas’ oldest craft brewery located in Houston, serving craft beer delivers fresh and full flavored beers to the Texas community. Austrian priest who was recognized by the Catholic Church as the Patron Saint of Brewers, who warned peasants about the dangers of unsafe drinking water, while encouraging them to drink beer. Due to water during the dark ages was not a healthy alternative, but Beer was quite safe. He said, “From man’s sweat and God’s love, beer came into the world.” Saint Arnold Brewery is run by a group of seventeen people who passionately manage all aspects of the brewery, with Brock Wagner at the helm. After realizing that Houston was the largest city in the country that did not have a microbrewery, they opened and shipped their first keg in June 9, 1994. They now brew ten different beers, with Five made year around, and five are seasonal. These beers can be found in locations in Houston, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, and San Antonio.

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Elissa IPA

Elissa IPA is a traditional India Pale Ale, which is a hoppy, a balanced malty bodied beer. Ellissa, a tall ship like the ships used to transport IPAs to India and is located in Galveston. Saint Arnold Brewery donates money from the proceeds for the preservation of the Elissa. They add hop in the kettle to give the bitterness, and then dry hopped in the fermenter for a floral, hoppy nose. The bitterness is softened by reverse osmosis, and the maltiness from British Maris Otter malt. By using reverse osmosis, they were able to overcome their high calcium carbonate, which would add a bitter characteristic to the beer. The distinctive American hop, Cascades, gives its citrus note. To maintain its freshness, they do not pasteurize their beer. This authentic version of IPAs richness stands up to the hops making this a great beer for any style of seafood, Indian food and spicy Thai.

saint arnold brewing company, elissa, divine

Divine Reserve

Divine Reserve is a run of single batch beers, labeled on the neck for the appropriate number. They all have a different recipe, with a common characteristic of being big, and always benefits from being aged under refrigeration.

Reserve No. 7: Weizenbock, Alcohol: 8.4% ABV

The Reserve No. 7 has a dark, slightly chocolatey weizenbock with bananas and cloves undertones, with hops adding spiciness and the strength of the beer is balanced by the malt. Bravarian hefeweizen yeast gives a distinctive banana and clove characteristics, and is brewed with Dark wheat, light wheat, Chocolate wheat, Pilsner, Munich, Special B and Chocolate malts, and Northern Brewer hops.

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