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Portion control is the key to controlling costs

[F&B Today] So, Michael, what’s the alternative?

[Morton] Portion control from the start. it’s about accountability. If you know how many drinks were poured, from where, and those drinks were consistent ...you know how much money should be in the till and how much product was depleted. Simple.

[F&B Today] Haven’t portion control systems been out there for years?

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[Morton] They have. The old standard has been the ring collar systems. You secure a pouring spout to a bottle and the bartender then passes the spout through an electro-magnetic coil permanently attached to the bar somewhere to pour a drink. Not much flexibility there. Bottom line; the old ring pourers do their job… but they slow the bartender down.

[F&B Today] So your new technologies are better. How so?

[Morton] Well they’re much faster, way more user-friendly and very, very efficient. Most importantly; because we offer several types of systems, we can match the right system with the individual venue. Like we say on our website: “nobody knows the bar better than the owner or the g.m.” we won’t try to force one type of system down somebody’s throat. We listen first; then present the buyer with his or her options.

[F&B Today] So what, exactly, are the options for electronic liquor portion control?

[Morton] Well, the hottest products out there now are the wireless systems like our wi-pour. One reason they’re becoming so popular is you can install them without re-constructing your bar. We say: ” if you can set up a home entertainment system… you can install our wi-pour.” it basically does the same thing that the old ring collars have done for years but the bartender doesn’t have to carry the bottle to a single position to pour a drink. The wireless spout doesn’t change his routine and, best of all, doesn’t slow him down! Getting drinks out faster increases the ring and the tips too. Everybody’s happy!

[F&B Today] Why is your wi-pour better than you competitor’s wireless systems?

[Morton] Back to the basic premise; portion control. The other wireless systems in the marketplace measure the pour-time; then equate that to a volume. One pour a little over… next one a little light; then hope it balances out at the end of the day. Our spouts have 4 programmable portions that are dead-on accurate every time. You get a perfect pour if you’ve been bartending for 2 days or 20 years.


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