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Chefs Congress
The Chefs Congress theme - What is American Cuisine is sure to please attendees
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The overarching theme of this year's Congress is What is American Cuisine? The purpose is to explore how chefs and industry-leaders from around the country—and across the globe—define American Cuisine. Chefs, and subjects of study and exploration recognize the regional nuances of well-defined and established cuisines, such as Italian, French, Spanish, or Chinese. But the definition of American Cuisine—outside of hotdogs and hamburgers—and the regional differences within the United States is not commonly understood, inside or outside of the US.

Highlights of the three-day Congress will include cooking demonstrations by international presenters including Pierre Gagnaire (Pierre Gagnaire, France), Yoshihiro Murata (Kikunoi & Kiamachi, Japan), Juan Mari Arzak (Restaurante ARZAK, Spain), and Paco Torreblanca (Pasteleria TOTEL, Spain). Domestic presenters include David Bouley (Bouley, New York, NY), Charles Phan (The Slanted Door, San Francisco, CA), Jose Andres (minibar by Jose Andres, Bazaar by Jose Andres, CA), Daniel Boulud (Café Boulud, New York, NY), Dave Arnold and Nils Noren (The French Culinary Institute, New York, NY), Grant Achatz (Alinea, Chicago, IL), Audrey Saunders (Pegu Club, New York NY), Daniel Humm (11 Madison Park, New York, NY), Alex Stupak (wd~50, New York, NY), Marcus Samuelsson (Aquavit, New York, NY) and Johnny Iuzzini (Jean Georges, New York, NY).

chefs congress, bourdain, food and beverage event

In total over 60 chefs will present at this year’s Congress. In addition, leading manufacturers and purveyors from around the world will showcase the latest in foods and wines, cutting edge kitchen equipment, and innovative chef tools at the Chefs Product Fair.

Rising Stars Revue

The StarChefs.com International Chefs Congress will culminate on Tuesday, September 22, 2009 with the annual New York Rising Stars Revue, a gala and awards ceremony celebrating the best up-and-coming chefs and culinary professionals in New York. StarChefs.com selects its Rising Stars candidates upon recommendation by its Advisory Board, which is made up of more than 20 of the country’s most influential chefs. The StarChefs.com editors make the final selections based on in-person tastings and interviews.

what is american cuisine, chefs congress, bourdain, food and beverage event

Tickets and admission to the StarChefs.com International Chefs Congress are limited to foodservice industry professionals. A limited number of subsidized culinary passes will be available. To purchase tickets, visit Starchefs.com or call 212.966.3775.

Tickets to the StarChefs.com Rising Stars Revue are available to the general public and can be purchased at starchefs.com/risingstars


What is American Cuisine

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