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The Green Fairy
The absinthe ritual is sure to bring out the Green Fairy, is it time for you to meet her?

What is the Intrigue:

Absinthe is an anise-flavored spirit that has been distilled since the end of the 18th century in Val-de-Travers, in the Neuchâtel region of western Switzerland. This region, also known as the Land of the Green Fairy, is the birthplace of this noble spirit. Growing wormwood and distilling absinthe counted among the main economic activities of this region until early in the 20th century. The production of absinthe was banned in Switzerland on October 7, 1910, although numerous clandestine distillers in the Val-de-Travers continued to ply their craft. The possible toxic effects of extended thujone use and social stigma led to its prohibition in most other countries by the early 1920's.

Absinthe, unique among spirits, is prepared in a ritual made famous by famous past poets. With a little patience and know-how, you will master this ritual, which releases the complex flavors of the herbs used to concoct this magical elixir. All you need is a slotted absinthe spoon, a sugar cube, a glass, and a carafe of very cold water.

Let the Absinthe ritual begin:

  • pour an ounce or so of absinthe into the glass;
  • place the sugar cube on the spoon on top of the glass;
  • dribble the water (3-5 times more water than absinthe) over the sugar and into the glass.

A thick white cloud will billow inside your glass as the Green Fairy comes alive. Tints of blue and green explain the elixir’s local nicknames: “la Bleue”, and “la Fée Verte”– the Green Fairy.

Deluxe Absinthe Kit

While I must admit the traditional method is the best as true absinthe drinkers put as much emphisis on the presentation and the experience of the drink there are other ways to enjoy the unique feeling of absinthe. After trying many recipes I found online my hands down favorite is the Absinthe Martini. The addition of vermouth blends perfectly with absinthe since they are both made from the same thing - wormwood!

Absinthe Martini

  • 1 shot absinthe
  • 1/2 shot Vermouth
  • 1 shots water (to taste)
  • 2 sugar cube
  • ice

Fill a martini glass with ice. Pour the absinthe, Vermouth, and water over the sugar cubes and enjoy!


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