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Dallas Restaurants
Explore our favorite Dallas restaurants and let us know yours
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Stephan Pyles – Always on everyone’s top ten. Chef Pyles, often referred to as one of the founding fathers of Southwest cuisine, splashed onto the scene in the Star Canyon days where he created was Dallas’s best regional food raised his own bar when the opened this Dallas fixture. If you are looking for a local flare make your reservations now.

The Mansion – The biggest accolade that is often overlooked in any restaurant is what they produce. No, not the food, but the personnel. When you look at the list of high quality chefs that have cut their teeth at the Mansion you have to realize superior environment they must maintain. Tasting the food and experiencing the service at this iconic establishment only confirms the obvious. WOW!

York Street - Chef Sharon Hage has been nominated year after year by the James Beard House for best chef in southwest and for good reason. This small and inviting restaurant has the intimacy and care built into its foundation and the food. Sharon’s focus on fresh and local shines through beautifully.

#10 – We will leave that to you……contact us and let us know who you feel should round out our list.

dallas restaurants, dining in dallas

Other Dallas Restaurants Experts Views

As I said earlier Dallas has such a large food and beverage scene that we felt it necessary to get the local experts opinions. We decided to get the opinions of two of Dallas food bloggers opinions of their favorite Dallas restaurants.

First we found Kim Pierce who has been writing about food, wine and restaurants in Dallas for 25+ years. Kim is a columnist for The Dallas Morning News and a regular contributor to its Eats Blog. Kim also is a freelance writer and Tweets. Check out her story about the hottest grapes in Texas in the August issue of Wines & Vines, and get her take on chicken-fried steak in the Oxford Companion to American Food And Drink.

We asked Kim to tell us her favorite Dallas restaurants focusing on ones that give you great value for the money.

Her list in no particular order is as follows:

York Street - No one does produce-centered, ingredient-driven high-end dining like Sharon Hage. She was sourcing locally long before it was hip.

Avila's - Best Tex-Mex but higher consciousness with quality ingredients and a soft touch with gloppy fats.

Stephan Pyles - A Southwest celebrity chef who has grown beyond the confines of the regional cuisine to a mastery of global influences and innovations.

Twisted Root Burger Co. - Chef-driven burger bar with nearly every ingredient sourced locally and fab condiments made in house.


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